Manufacturer's Of Steel Products and All Metal Products


Market Products

We manufacture some Good Quality of the market products of Mumbai such as,

‘Fish Tape’ which is used to pull the cables or wires in censil wiring through one points to another.

A Good Quality of ‘Punch Holder Tool’ which is used to dig a hole on concrete wall as well as a normal wall.

Indian Railway Products

(Most of the Railway Products are manufactured in our firm) which are as follows;
  • Foldable bottle Holder.
  • Coat Hook.
  • Air Refresher Container.
  • Middle Berth Stopper.
  • Side Berth Stopper.
  • Penalty Board.
  • Destination Board.
  • Hand Holds.
  • Seat Number Plates. & etc.
  • Mounting Frame.
  • Housing Reset box.

Export Products

We are also Manufacturing some of the Export Products also;
  • M.S. Motor Clamp.
  • S.S. Big and Small “D” Ring.
  • S.S. “I” Latch Assembly.
  • S.S. Brackets for Locking Purpose.
  • Pipe Fitting Products
We Manufacture pharmaceutical Pipe fitting Products are as follows;

S.S. Round Clamps in all Size of range i.e. from 1” up to 4”.

S.S. Pipe Holder Clamp & etc.