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Fish Tape (Wire Puller) For pulling Cables & Wires in Concealed Wiring Fittings.

We Supply Fish Tape to Anchor-World and
 many other wire & Cable Manufacturer.

Fish Tape is a great tool having 10 mtrs. To 45 mtrs. in size which the electricians use to pull wire trough electrical conduit. A fish tape is thin piece of steel in a flat style that is coiled in predetermined lengths & is referred to as tape.

To be able to pull wire through a pipe, you must first fish the tape through the pipe to the other end; you attach the wires to the fish tape in order to pull them through the pipes.

Usable tool when job calls larger wire in conduit use this fish tape to poll in row to make a wire pull. although the steel wire in both stout & flexible.

To pull wires with Fish Tape

With one person standing with the fish tape feed the wires, pull evenly on all wires to be fed. Try to keep the wires untangled as you feed them. Feed the wires by lubricating the wires with one hand and feeding them into the pipe, while pulling the off of the wire reels with other.

Available In Following Sizes
10 Mtr15 Mtr
20 Mtr25 Mtr
45 Mtr30 Mtr