Manufacturer's Of Steel Products and All Metal Products

About Us

Welcome to R.K. Engineering


When the Company was Established it was named as “R. K. ENGINEERING WORKS”, but recently in 2007 it was established with V.A.T TIN number so due to this it was finally named as “R. K. ENGINEERING” which is the current name of our Firm.

Our Firm is registered with Indian Railways as Manufacturer.

Nature & Specializations of the Firm

We manufacture all type of Sheet Metal Components Products as well as Wire Form Products in both Steel and in Stainless Steel.

Our Specialization is that we can make any products as per the Drawings, Dimensions or the Sample.

Quality Policy

We, R. K. Engineering, assure our clients that we serve good quality of Products, because we believe that Quality brings Passion in the work and also a Satisfaction to our client which is the most important thing.

Safety Management

Safety Equipments.

Fire Extinguisher and First - Aid Treatment, etc.